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04 February 2008 @ 10:18 pm
Icon Count
Ouran x 5
Reborn x 9
Tales of Symphonia x 4
Yakitate Japan x 5


Please credit to templated or to mochafudge.
Comments are appreciated. :D
Watch the comm if you're interested, I guess.

03 January 2008 @ 02:43 pm
Icon Count:
Reborn! x 5


Reborn! Mood Theme

Samples: (
the whole thing)
embarrassed giddy bouncy

  • Download the zipfile from mediafire.
  • Download all the images to your own server (i.e. photobucket).
  • Go to the admin console and type moodtheme_create "Title" "Description". It will give you a number.
  • Open the text file in the zip file and replace all the "THEMEID"s with the number, and "http://yoursite.com" with the address of the folder which you uploaded the images to.
  • Go here and it's ready to use. :D

Just know:
> Please credit to mochafudge
> Comments would be nice
> :):)
11 November 2007 @ 11:39 pm
Made some icons. XD Because I was bored and I felt like adding more avatars for Kafuka.

Also some Code G (Can be base.) XD

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